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You can reach orgasm through the prostate and just with a finger in the ass. Do you know that? If you clicked on this category it is that you probably know the prostatic orgasm. If you are a man, you can ask your wife to run her finger over the area between your anus and your testicles.

This is the first step to orgasm of the prostate. If your wife knows how to do it, you will experience indescribable sensations, which have nothing to do with classic masturbation. It takes a lot of sweetness and delicacy to hope to experience an orgasm in this way, especially if you are a beginner. It’s also a great technique for getting a concrete erection.

Are you a little tired tonight? Ask your wife to put your finger in the ass you will see that your cock will stiffen in a few seconds. There are several positions to reach orgasm through the anus. You can be lying on your stomach or even lying on your back with your legs apart. Experiment and find your favorite position.

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What is special about these prostate stimulation videos? We are also addicted to bdsm. So we decided to mix the practice of prostatic orgasm with bondage and all kinds of hardcore practices. If you’ve never had this kind of orgasm before, don’t be afraid to use sex toys if you’re not comfortable with your fingers.

You can also try to go with your dick but you won’t be as specific. So let yourself be tempted by the prostate orgasm, you will really lose your mind. Don’t think getting your finger in the ass is gay. You are wrong and you are missing something by thinking this way. Certainly, gays must love getting their fingers knocked in the ass since they also like to take cocks.

Anal pleasure is not guilty pleasure, you can be a perfect straight guy but love the sensations that anal penetration can give you. It is a practice that is still far too taboo, considered homosexual or dirty. All these people should allow themselves to have fun.

All the Guys in this Category reached Orgasm Thanks to the Prostate

The feelings you can have with a prostate orgasm has nothing to do with those of a pipe or a classic handjob. You clearly will not be able to resist enjoying having a finger in your ass. Now imagine yourself in the place of our actors. Look, these are manly guys, but they still like prostate orgasm.

Know that you can obviously practice this technique when you are alone. You may be ashamed to ask your wife to do it. So try it alone if you want, you can start in the shower and remember to lubricate your fingers and anus.

When you are more comfortable you can try to do it in your room, on your bed. After a few times, ask your wife to do it. You will be a real expert in the matter, you can even guide her so that she knows how to do it.

Become an Expert in the Art of Prostate Stimulation

Did you know that prostate orgasm can be 10 times more powerful than usual? The prostate is a small gland that cannot be seen, but it can be felt easily with a finger or a toy. You should definitely try out this practice and have your wife penetrate your ass.

Your wife will need to gently penetrate you with her finger until she can feel your prostate at her fingertips. You shouldn’t be ashamed to suggest this to your partner. It’s like for women who love sodomy, it’s all the same. And just because you like prostate orgasms doesn’t mean you’re gay. You just like good sex.

If you like this kind of practice, know that you can also give yourself an orgasm in the ass by being alone. If you are on your own to try, then sit or lie on your bed. Spread your legs and start by massaging and lubricating the anus. It is very important not to have too much pain during the penetration.

Once it’s done, just push your finger deeper and deeper in circles with your fingertips. After a while you will feel a small gland: it is your prostate. You must caress it gently or tickle it with your fingers. You will be surprised at the sensations that a finger in the ass can give you.

You will never be the same man again and every time you have sex you will be clamoring to have your prostate touched. It’s a rule of thumb: but keep your hands clean when attempting a prostate orgasm.

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In fact, infections must be avoided and that is why you must be perfectly clean. In addition, one should not forget to use sufficient lubricant. Some men find this practice unmanly, but you don’t have to listen to them. These guys are sexually frustrated and they don’t know the right things.

The day their wives put a finger in their anus by surprise, these guys will ask for more. So start by watching our hundreds of prostate stimulation videos. Thanks to our videos you will become a master in the art of prostatic orgasm.